Project type: Illustration ∙ Client: SCAD VP for Strategy and Innovation ∙ Timeline: 2 months


SCAD Luggage


This project was developed by a group of four SCAD graphic design students. The project was directed by the professor Jason Fox and presented to the VP for Strategy and Innovation. We held team meetings twice per week. Each group member presented a different idea in order to select one to be developed. When the idea was selected, the responsibilities were divided between all the group members. We presented advances to the client in order to get approval and once this was done we refined the design and prepared for a final presentation. 

The concept portrays SCAD student lifestyle and is aim to be sold to SCAD students and staff. As  SCAD graphic design students we were able to come up with ideas that build our  personal memories across our campuses whether it be the academic buildings or our favorite places. This idea was developed in a way it would  allow students to personalize their luggage according to their own experiences. The following two visuals were initial sketches of this idea utilizing collages.


Direction 1.
The idea represents fragments of the students experiences. Places often visited, colors, stores, objects, people, typefaces... altogether in a colorful collage.


Direction 2.
Focusing on SCAD buildings and their surroundings. Each faculty represented with spaces and people the students are familiar with.


Final direction:
The technique used was mono-line. We used a white, 2 pt line making contrast in the black luggage. The typeface selected to integrate to the illustration the names of the SCAD locations was Gotham Thin. It was chosen because of its geometric sans-serif shape and weight matching with the illustration style. To personalize the luggage, the mono-line composition works as a grid in which filled color stickers are meant to be placed.