Project type: UX/UI ∙ School: SCAD ∙ Timeline: 3 months


Savannah Love is Here


Savannah has been recognized as the most romantic city of the Southern U.S. (Huffington Post). The historic atmosphere, small city charm and the closeness to the river offers plenty of romantic activities and lure in visitors and locals. The purpose of this project is to promote Savannah as a romantic city, provide a useful and inviting tool that enriches visitor’s experiences and facilitates their planning while discovering Savannah’s beautiful scenes. 

This project potentiates an extensive research about the culture of sustaining love in Savannah, Georgia. This research was developed by a group of students (The LOVE Team) from the Design Management program at Savannah College of Art and Design.   


The logo was designed to bring together the following mobile app functionalities:

Time, location and love: The grid reflects Savannah’s architecture in the way that references the urban plan (city squares). This grid was created by a chart split into four segments representing the time periods of each day, later rotated to create the location pin and the heart. 

The color red in multiple tones was chosen for the logo so that the grid is brought to light. The mobile app uses a wider color palette, in a subtle way, for the user to identify each section of the menu. The typefaces selected were Supra Demi Serif and Supra thin. This combination brings a classical yet a contemporary feeling.