Project type: Poster ∙ Client: SCAD Typography class ∙ Timeline: 3 weeks


Period of Time


American newspapers and magazines from 1969 were the main sources informing the research of this project. The research was focused on the social context of this year, tendencies and events that were later connected in a map. After the contents were organized , the research was narrowed down to a specific tendency/event representing the year, in this case, fashion. Simplicity fashion, Threads and VOGUE of 1969 were some of the fashion magazine references.

Both the 3D poster and the rollers package design are focused on the concept of abundance predominant in american fashion. This trend was influenced by the  British “swinging style.”

The fashionable women living this trend were part of the “baby boomers” generation, the youth resulted from the demographic post–World War II baby boom. 

During this year, the streets were spectacular displays of power where modern, innovating items and lush hairstyles. The rollers, hairdryers and beauty saloons were all the rage. Rollers were used to create numerous hairstyles with big volume and precise curves. The bigger the hairstyles, the better. The poster utilizes design principles like repetition,  size /weight.

The height of the poster was achieved by an upward scale which was built with cylinders that increase 25 inches from a corner to the center. The pink color was dominant in the fashion style of the sixties and it is the main color selected for the poster.  The selection of typefaces, ITC Tiffany ST Demi, ST Heavy Italic and Canaro Light, were chosen according to the used of typefaces on the fashion magazines. 


The package represents the curves of the hair and the size of the hairstyles. The poster typefaces were kept in package and  the color range was expanded according to the product within.