“Spectrum es aquel, o Aquello que es fotografiado es el blanco, el referente, una especie de pequeño simulacro, de eidôlon emitido por el objeto” (Barthes, 1982, p. 38).

This project is named after Roland Barthes words. He states that Spectrum is the subject of  the photograph. This project took place in the Fundacion Vicentina Luisa de Marillac in Cali, Colombia. This is an institution built as a result of gerontology studies and is able to assist 35 elderly interns and 70 in a half day special program. Their vision is to improve elderly life conditions through activities, health and spiritual support.

Interviews, photography and design were the communication tools used to create  a narrative telling the story of those abandoned in their old age. One of the project aims was to bring what is experienced,  thought and felt by the elderly to those who disregard them. The photographic work is accompanied by excerpts of the speech of the portrayed  and is displayed  in a book. The black and white photography contrasts textures and shapes of the portrayed and spaces. The work was exhibited in the “XI Festival Internacional de la Imagen”- “XIII Muestra Monográfica Media Art”, 2012 in Manizales, Caldas and in the “III Salón de Estudiantes Arte Posible", 2012 in the Centro Cultural de Cali.

This thesis project is posted online in la Universidad del Valle library.




Brand development for Dunas de Pinamar, an exclusive urban development center  in Argentina. This proposal was inspired by  the dunas formation in this area (Pinamar), the circular movement and build-up of sand produced by the wind.



Branding for Rochi Rochic, a business of leather goods, shoes and jewelry based in Colombia. The identifier is a ladybug,  a charming, cheerful and playful spirit. It conveys delight, surprise and fascination. Symmetry is prominent in its form accompanied with diversity of tones reinforcing the mentioned concepts .



Entreartes  is  the School of communications Journal of the Universidad del Valle, Cali-Colombia. Art, communication and sociology people of the university work together producing writings  about their interests and projects. I developed the issue No. 9 and 10 of the journal. In the issue No. 9,  it was an honor to utilize and display the photographic material  provided by  Santiago Lozano (alumni of the School of communication).  His material was originally created for the Colombian feature film “El Vuelco del Cangrejo.” For the cover an image was altered to create an  intriguing  composition. In the issue No. 10, local young photographers were called to send their work. After a review that considered technical and aesthetic qualities, the best work was selected and utilized according to the content of the issue.



This is a magazine designed for Casa Allegra, a fashion boutique  located in Cali- Colombia.