Project type: Branding ∙ Client: SCAD Visual Information Strategy class ∙ Timeline: 2 months


 INPRHU Instituto de Promoción Humana


INPRHU (Institute of Human Promotion)  is an organization  focused on improving living and working conditions of the most vulnerable sectors of the department of Madríz, Nicaragua.

This project was an opportunity to respond to a social problem:  Poverty and education. The purpose is to create a mark that identifies the  values and work of the organization. With this, think of a platform that increases   the visibility of their work and communication strategies at  the time it connects them with more people, volunteers and organizations.  The organization promotes human development throughout different projects and resources: provide an alternative rural education for families, promote economic, social and environmental development for households in the area, and empower groups of people to assume social roles and defend human rights. 


Union, support and protection are the logo concepts. These ideas are represented by  rotated lines,  connected in the centre. They allude to sown crops, one of the main activities for economic sustenance in Nicaragua rural areas.

The typeface is Magallanes, a contemporary Neo-humanist sans serif. Its character "R" has a curved terminal that alludes to the Nicaraguan  artisan work. The word INPRHU is divided in IN-PR-HU by tonalities making easier to  read  the organization complete name. The letters “HU” from Human are streesed in green to highlight the human values of the organization.  The gradations from brown to green  represent growth,  a concept aligned  to the organization values.





Since the organization works with families and educates children, the proposal implements a colorful palette for some material such as notebooks and website. 


Website screens