GD ∙ Branding ∙ ROCHI ROCHIC ∙ 2016

ROCHI ROCHIC is a business of leather goods, shoes and jewelry based in Colombia. The identifier we came up with is a ladybug,  a charming, cheerful and playful spirit that conveys delight, surprise and fascination. Symmetry is prominent in its shapes which are accompanied with diverse tones reinforcing the concepts. Click here to see the Benchmarking.


GR ∙ Branding ∙ HOL High on Life ∙ 2018

“The small joys is what I call HIGH on life”. Kavitha, CEO.

This brand comes from the motivation to design everyday objects that add joy to life combined with the required knowledge and tech tools to create them. Objects include shot glasses, totems, coasters, planters that are produced using Digital Manufacturing Technologies. Click here to see the brand proposals.