Project type: Editorial ∙ Client: SCAD Visual Information Strategy class ∙ Timeline: 3 weeks


Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting


This was a group project that responded to a social concern: The media  misinformation. We chose an existing anti-censorship organization that claims to advocate diversity in the press and scrutinize media practices that marginalize public interest. This organization was re-branded and its content altered and satirized taking as referent another organization:  “The Onion” America’s Finest News Source.  This organization publishes articles  satirizing  the tone and format of traditional news.  This project aims to put in evidence the manipulation of public opinion carried out by traditional news. The purpose is to encourage readers to become cautious and critic rather than passive consumers of news. 

We developed a newspaper, a website and a video as a news channel. The newspaper was chosen as a primary piece due to its legit status to communicate news. It leads the readers to the website where they would find the real news.  My responsibilities in our team  consisted mostly in the development of the logo and the newspaper. 


The logo created reflect balance and fairness. The color range of the pieces create a vivid contrast using a florescent pink and black to give a warning tone. The imagery is black and white with a monotone photographic treatment that alters the images. The purpose of this, is to present the distorted sense of reality media misinformation creates. The typeface selection for the newspaper combines the serif Trola (headers and body text) and sans serif Bulo, both contemporary typefaces sharing the same skeleton. This selection suits in wide sizes and tight spaces.