Project type: Editorial ∙ Client: Volunteer, SCAD Visual Communication/Research class ∙ Timeline: 3 months


"Our House" The ECCI Seniors Program Newsletter


The ECCI Eastside Concerned Citizens Inc. and its  Seniors program started 5 years ago as Freddy Patrick’s initiative to help his neighborhood in Savannah, GA. It began as a small group of elders to socialize. Today, the program holds 12 persons. Their range of age is between 55 to 60 and includes both genders, the majority men. The program  educates them in healthy habits: Medication and nutrition.  

This project was guided by an ethnographic research:  Observation, interaction and interviews to the staff. The coordinator, Johnnie Stephens and founder, Freddy Patrick provided the organization material that served me  as  a referent.  The publication responds to the program aim promoting an active life and healthy habits within the group. The piece is divided in four sections: Recipes, health, calendar of activities and brain games. The publication is  also focused on improving the communication within and out of the ECCI Senior program.

The design is intended to be user- friendly, useful  and easily printed by the staff. The newsletter is meant to be kept by the elders so they can make use of it at their home.   The publication follows the National Institute on Aging (NIH) guidelines for designing text for older adults. For this reason, the typeface selection is a combination of Museo Sans in 14 pt. and Miller Text 14 pt. The body text is presented in a simple and direct way keeping two columns and wide white spaces. The color range used in the piece follows the institutional identity color combined with grey  bringing  some contrast and giving the publication a contemporary look.